My Second Project is finito !

I am in a strangely empowering place in my ability as a Data Scientist. It has been a little over 2 months since I joined a data science boot camp full-time. It feels as if there is a world of knowledge awaiting but when I look at how much more I can do compared to a month ago and how many milestones I have passed, I can not help but feel proud.

In my latest project, I made three linear models from Kings County housing data. I cleaned up the data and made sure to utilize as much of it as possible. During processing, I used visualizations such as heat maps, histograms, subplots, and scatter plots. I even found the highest correlated features of the data. I felt much more confidence moving forward with this project. The overall workflow was much more organized and it took much less time to complete everything.

At a glance, my old project seems very minuscule compared to this newer one. My coding and troubleshooting ability was more efficient. The next Module is machine learning and it is getting me closer to what I want to want to focus on. Two letters. AI.

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